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Sponsored Stableford - Saturday 19 August


A big turn out which resulted in a great day for all concerned.  

Many thanks to all our visitors (31 different clubs were represented) and our generous sponsors who made it all possible.

Overall Winner - Adrian Donaldson (Col) 39 pts

Ladies Winner, Rosie Schutz (Col) - 38 pts


Scratch Winner, Colin Heuchan (S'ness) - 70


Corinne MacDonald - Best Dressed award




  1. Adrian Donaldson (Col)                                 39
  2. Jim McMurdo (Col)                                         38
  3. James Lax (Horsforth)                                    37
  4. Paul Rhymer (Alston Moor)                          36


  1. Rosie Schutz (Col)                                            38
  2. Rowena Flavelle (Col)                                     30
  3. Sandra Galligan (D&G)                                   29

Junior:  Cameron MacDonald (Weybrook Pk)      19

Scratch:  Colin Heuchan (S’ness)                                70

Nearest the Pin (4TH)                      Wes Blayney (S’ness) 

Nearest the Gin (4th)                      Nathan Brierley (Paneswood)

Nearest the Pin in 2 (18TH)            Charles Stewart (Col)

Best dressed golfer                         Corinne MacDonald (Col)

Secret Pair                                         Andy and Wilma Galloway (Col)


Overall Listing:

1st           Adrian Donaldson (Col)                                 39pts

2nd          Jim McMurdo (Col)                                        38pts

                Rosie Schutz (Col)

4th           James Lax (Horsforth)                                   37 pts

5th           Colin Heuchan (S’ness)                                  36pts

                Paul Rhymer (Alston Moor)

7th           Peter Smith (Col)                                             35pts

8th           Bruce Murray (Col)                                         34pts

                Mark Dawid (N Cumnock)

10th         David Beech (Gathurst)                                 33pts

                Alan Rutherford (Alston Moor)

                Peter Hutchison (Eaglescliffe)

                Billy Calder (Col)                              

                Roy McCourt (Col)

15th         Peter McAdam (Loch)                                    32pts

                Simon Lax (Horsforth)

                Michael Liverick (Alston Moor)

18th         Bobby Gray (Col)                                              31pts

                Kevin Adams (Dbt)

                Paul Burnett (D&G)

                Kenny McKnight (Col)

22nd        Paul Johnston (Col)                                         30pts

                Thomas Flavelle (The Leicestershire)

                Rowena Flavelle (Col)

                Peter Richardson (Alston Moor)

26th         Sandra Galligan (D&G)                                    29pts

                Rupert Gibson (Bellingham)

                Eric Neilson (Col)

                Eric Priest (Col)

                Duncan MacDonald (Col)

                Alan Kibble (Cowdenbeath)

                Bernard Drury (Windermere)

                Margaret Copp (Col)

34th         Carl Maddox (CD)                                            28pts

                Mark MacDonald (Weybrook Pk)

                Janette Roe (Workington)

                Mark Harris (D&G)

                Steven Nisbet (N Cumnock)

                Wes Blayney (S’ness)

                Romney Johnston (Col)

                Jim Noblett (Penwortham)

42nd        Carl Dickinson (Alston Moor)                      27pts

                Graham Wilson (D&C)

                Anne Kerr (D&G)

                Tom Younger (Alston Moor)

                John McCormack (Col)

                Alastair Clark (Col)

                Tork Crawford (Appleby)

                Gordon Logan (Loch)

                Peter Motley (Col)

51st         Steven McEwan (D&C)                                  26pts

                Keith Richardson (Alston Moor)

                Steve Morris (Alston Moor)

                Steve Dunn (Beauchief)

                Susan King (Kbt)

                John Hanley (Durham Cty)

57th         Brian Graham (Brunston Castle)                   25pts

                Helen Noblett (Penwortham)

                Corinne MacDonald (Col)

                Drew McCutcheon (Col)

                Barbara Atkinson (Workington)

                Bryce Kelly (Loch)

                Phillip Bell (Alston Moor)

                Paul Watret (Loch)

                Chris Motley (Col)

66th         Gillian Rowlinson (Kbt)                                  24pts

                Nathan Brierley (Paneswood)

                Kenny Baldie (Hayston)

                Peter Hutchison Snr (Pow)

                Charles Stewart (Col)

                Robbie Watson (S’ness)

                John Atkinson (Workington)

                Karen Dunn (Beauchief)

                Kenny Leslie (Col)

                Mark O’Hagen (Col)

                Keith White (Windermere)

                David Fletcher (Winderere)

78th         Ricky Whalen (Dbt)                                         23pts

                Alan Davidson (Loch)

                Matthew Lind (T’hill)

                Peter Graham (Bellingham)

                Mary Clark (Col)

83rd        Peter Roe (Workington)                                 22pts

                Sharyn Prendiville (Pow)

                Jamie Rodden (Hilton Pk)

                Tommy Wilson (Col)

87th         Evelyn Brown (Pow)                                       21pts

                Rob Cathcart (Kinross)

                Willy Gibson (S’ness)

                Robert Littlejohn (Brunston Castle)

                Billy Fenner (Col)

92nd        Steve Hill (Windermere)                                20pts

93rd        Patty Ironside (Kbt)                                        19pts

                Cameron MacDonald (Weybrook Pk)

                Isobel Watson (Kbt)

                Steve Mayes (Pow)

                Chris Sanderson (Col)

                Wilma Galloway (Col)

                Ian Webb (Col)

100th      Jonathan Renwick (Alston Moor)              18pts

                Steven Garnett (Loch)

                Nicky Baker (Col)

103rd      Morag Davidson (Loch)                                 17pts

                Eric Tate (D&G)

105th      Glen Davis (Alston Moor)                             16pts

106th      Pat Hanley (Durham City)                             14pts

                Jonathan Clegg (Dbt)

108th      Justin Patterson (D&G)                                 13pts

109th      Andy Galloway (Col)                                       7pts

110th      John Johnstone (Hilton Pk)                          6pts

                Trevor Hignett (Bellingham)                        NCR

                Brain Neary (Bellingham                               NCR